Let`s get electric, Tesla Motors Insane Mode

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Let`s get electric, Tesla Motors Insane Mode

Let`s get electric, Tesla Mobil Power

Probefahrt vor kurzen


Ad hoc wird die Sache irre

Oren Peli took friends and family for rides in the TESLA and captured their reaction to the acceleration of 0-60mph in 3.1 secs.

Now get the Insane Mode

With a hidden camera installed, we take unsuspecting riders for an "Insane" ride in the Tesla Model S P85D.

Electric - Leila K.

.. und hier noch bissl Elektrische Musik ...


Tesla P85D Insane Mode

Luftverunreinigungs Bekämpfungs Gerät

There is also an invisible mode 😉

More of Emission defeating device, Tesla Motors at GIP.one >>>


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