Weltherrschaft Part 1 – von Hochdahl raus in die Welt

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Weltherrschaft Part 1 – von Hochdahl raus in die Welt

Weltherrschaft Part 1

– von Hochdahl raus in die Welt

Positivity - Shake your money maker & get wild


Weltherrschaft Part 1 - von Hochdahl raus in die Welt


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Count The Days, Prince aka Tafkap + Lyrics, Motherfucker

Count The Days

Ver todo videoclips Prince


Count the days
Here’s a church, here’s a steeple
Here’s a muthafucka that I gotta blow away
Here’s my chance 2 cure the ills of the people
But not until I make this muthafucka pay
And oh, baby I count the days

(Yeah yes)
I count the days

Here’s the interview, here’s the time
If I keep your secrets, will U keep mine?
If we hurry, we can catch the train
If it was left up 2 U, I would die in pain
(That’s why) I count the days

(Oh yeah)
Whoa, I’m counting (Oh)
Hear me (Hear me)
(Days) (Days) Days
Counting the days

Great day in the morning
My choir sing a pretty song
Every day I’m with your ass is another day wasted
I swear is a day 2 long

Like Frankie Beverly without Maze
I’m counting
Muthafucka, I count the days …

Count the Days“ is a song by The New Power Generation, released as the final single from their 1995 album, Exodus. The bluesy ballad is accompanied by little more instrumentation than the guitar. The lyrics describe negative situations, while Prince „counts the days“ until life is better.

The CD single was released in Europe with the harsher profanity removed. Its B-side was album track „New Power Soul„, a mostly instrumental number with the title repeated throughout. „New Power Soul“ is a band-oriented, laid-back funk jam, allowing solos for the horn section, drums and organ. Background noise was added to sound as if the song was recorded with an audience. The title of this song re-appeared (as two words) as the title of the 1998 New Power Generation album, Newpower Soul.


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