Partyman, Batman, video, lyrics, Prince

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Partyman, Batman, video, lyrics, Prince

„Gentlemen, let’s broaden our minds!

(oh, yeah)

All hail – the new king in town
Young and old, gather ‚round (yeah)
Black and white, red and green (funky)
The funkiest man U’ve ever seen

Tell U what his name is
Partyman, partyman
Rock a party like nobody can
Rules and regulations – no place in his nation
Partyman, partyman

Party people – say it now: YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!
Somebody holler if U wanna party

„Ladies and gentlemen, no pictures, please!“

Get it up, oh yeah
Partyman, partyman
Get it up, get it up

„Ooh, I love purple“

I rock the party, I rock the house
I rock the whole world, north, east and south
In the west – 17 horns blowin‘

Partyman, partyman
(Lose me now boy)
Get it up
All hail the new king in town

Ain’t nothin‘ but a muffin
We gotta lotta butter 2 go
(Y’say aye, an‘ I like ya ‚way, but don’t come now)
And if it break when it bend
U better not put it in – uh

Giddy up
(Ride ‚em boy)
Partyman, partyman
Partyman, partyman

Young and old, gather ‚round
Everybody hail the new king in town


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